6 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to California

by Phil Patel 11/24/2019

Are you planning a big move to the Golden State in the near future? I know how it can be to move to a new state, trying to learn the local culture and customs and doing your best to fit in.

California, like every other state, certainly has its defining features. We’ve all seen the beautiful coastlines and the 7 lanes of traffic to get there. But there are other, more subtle, characteristics of California that you might not be aware of.

Today, we’re going to fill you in on the details of California life you that you don’t get from the movies so you can be more prepared for your move.

1. California is huge

The first thing people moving to California need to understand is just how massive this state is. Mountains, beaches, deserts, canyons, suburban utopias--California has it all.

To road trip from the tip of California (the Oregon state line) to the southern border of California (the Mexican border), it could take up to 16 hours of driving.

This huge land area and diversity of landscapes mean you can find a style of living that’s right for you somewhere in that massive expanse.

2. Fresh food is always at hand

California has a rich farming history and much of the economy still revolves around fresh produce. Grocery stores and farmers markets alike carry fresh, locally grown produce that tastes a cut above the rest.

3. It’s possible to move to California without being a millionaire

Sure, California is home to some of the most expensive communities in the country. However, most of them gravitate around the key metro areas and Silicon Valley.

But, as we discussed earlier, California covers a lot of land area. Cities like Ventura, Vacaville, and Simi Valley are all located in beautiful areas that have a median house price of under $500,000.

4. Festivals and conventions are a way of life

California is home to some of the biggest festivals and conventions in the nation. From video games and electronics expos to music fests from all genres, you would be hard pressed to find an industry that doesn’t call California their home base when it comes to live events.

5. Cost of living can be outweighed by career opportunities

We all know that cost of living is a huge factor when it comes to finding an affordable place to live in California. What they don’t tell you, however, is that incomes and job opportunities are also abundant in California.

California has a huge economy. Chief industries of the Golden State include computer hardware and software, motion pictures, tourism, and aerospace tech.

6. Northern and Southern California have a bit of a rivalry

The rivalry between NorCal and SoCal dates back centuries and covers just about every part of daily life. Food, sports, music… the two will argue over who’s best at just about everything. Mention that Southern California has better weather and Northern California will respond right back with something that makes their half of the state the superior half (A.K.A. less traffic).

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